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Project | Personnal


Year | 2020

Graphic representation of flags of the world, drawn in the form of postcards.

Project in reference to the Erasmus communities that travel the world every year.

Project Origin



The « &ArtSmooth » project formerly called « CDM Graphique » has its origin in my desire to represent each country participating in the football world cup won by France in 2018. Beyond the sport in itself, I saw above all a gathering of cultures in the same place during a given period of time and the opportunity to create an artistic project. Every day, a new illustration could be found on my Instagram account.


During the competition, the goal was to make a country’s flag every day in a graphic way. This constraint pushed me not to spend too much time on a design, as I tend to be too perfectionist. This is certainly a quality, but also a flaw… So for a month, I was able to free myself from the illustrations that I’m used to do. Apart from the creation time, it was also important for me to use the colours of the flag corresponding to the country so that it is easily recognizable. 


The result is rather minimalist designs that are close to suprematism (for art lovers), a period I particularly appreciate for its finesse of composition. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up because I got a contract with the Château de Versailles during this period, hence my desire to take over the project later on and make it evolve. 


The name « &ArtSmooth » (And Art Smooth) is a nod to the Erasmus communities who each year travel the world to discover new cultures, whether for personal or academic purposes. It is also a way of expressing the art that is spreading throughout the world. We find again the notion of mixing cultures and especially of travel.
It was while reconnecting with old friends that I realized that many of them were living abroad or travelling the world. So, I decided to extend the project to a global scale, starting by representing the flags of the countries where they are located in order to send them a postcard. 

Today, &ArtSmooth is a graphic postcard project to correspond around the world.

1 Country – 1 Culture – 1 Design

Photographie de la carte postale de l’Autriche à Vienne au village Hunderwasser, 2019.


To join the photo &ArtSmooth project and receive a free postcard from a country not yet photographed, make your request by sending an email to the specially created address helloandartsmooth@hdgraphisme.fr. Only one postcard per country will be given.

If the country is no longer available but you still wish to have the postcard to send to a friend or as a decorative item, copies are available for sale in the Shop.


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